Which building types does Via support?

Via BMS generally supports all building types, but it was primarily designed for luxury private villas and non-residential buildings like offices, hotels and similar public buildings.


Is my building compatible with Via?

Any building is compatible with Via BMS App as long as it has or will have a building automation system (BAS) installed. Via is supported by all mayor home automation or building automation system providers.


Which communication protocols are supported by Via BMS?

At the moment, the Via BMS App supports the ModBus and BACNet communication protocols. Nevertheless, VIA can be adapted to other protocol standards and private protocols. You can read more on the supported protocols here:
Modbus: http://www.modbus.org/
BacNet: http://www.bacnetinternational.org/ , http://www.bacnet.org/


Which platform does VIA support?

At the moment, the Via BMS App is only available for the iPad.


How to install Via BMS App for my building?

The Via BMS App can be set-up for your building by your local BMS distributor or automation provider.


What is the cost of implementing VIA?

The costs are building dependent. They vary in dependence of the size of your building (m2 / sq ft), the number of floors, the number of data points that you are going to implement, your specific application preferences and special requests. Get in touch with us, and we will guide you through the process of optimizing the Via BMS App according to the needs of your building and your preferences. For a quick cost calculation tailored to your building, please contact us at: get(at)via-app.com


Can we start distributing the Via BMS App with our solutions?

Yes. You can find more about forming a partnership or becoming a distributor here.